Item retrieval
This service allows users to retrieve their items currently stored in the Lounge inventory
Please log in to check the items on your Lounge account
  • When I try to return items, I get an error "Sorry, but we do not have your item(s) in stock at the moment. Please try again in 24 hours."The return of items starts after these items appears in our inventory. Once your item appears in our inventory, you can immediately pick it up.
  • Why, after logging in & linking my Trade URL, do I get the message: "Sorry, but you do not have any items stored in the Lounge inventory.This message means that you do not have any items in the Lounge inventory. If you are sure you have items stored in the Lounge inventory, please check that you log in with the correct account.
  • Why are less items offered in the trade page than I have stored in the Lounge inventory?If our system is unable to return all your items through one trade, we can offer multiple trades. In some cases only item per trade can be returned.
  • After entering my Steam Trade URL, why do I get the error "Incorrect Steam Trade URL"?Make sure the account you log in with is the same account the Steam Trade URL is linked to - which you can find in your Steam profile page.
  • Why is the value of some items priced differently compared to Steam Marketplace price?We rely on fixed item values. The value of your item(s) was calculated at the moment they were transferred to Lounge. These prices may vary slightly compared to the current Steam Marketplace price.
  • I have previously traded with sites containing the name "csgolounge" or "dota2lounge" but can't find my items in the list.The Lounge company operates only within the sites containing the address of csgolounge.com or dota2lounge.com. If you have conducted trades with any other sites - please contact the support service of these sites regarding your items.